If you need to make contact, please use the correct subject from the sections below when composing your message. If the subject is not correct, your message may not be read.


If you have entered the wrong details during the purchase or want to transfer the addon to another account, please Login to the Casper Accounts system and Navigate to the Addons page and click “Request Transfer” on the addon you want transferred.

Feedback or Other Enquiries:

Due to the volume of messages received, I am unable to answer all of them.

Please make a post on the Casper Facebook Page, which will allow other users of Casper to help you out.

Application Bugs:

Please try these troubleshooting steps to resolve your problem.

  • Force Close Casper, and Relaunch it.
  • Reboot your Device.
  • Log out of Casper.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Casper. (This will require you to check for purchases again, if you have purchased addons)

If none of the steps above solve your issue, please take a look at the latest announcements on the Casper Facebook Page.

If an issue has only recently occurred, it may have been posted about.

Application Features:

If you are unsure about how to use a Casper feature, take a look at the Knowledge Base.

Business Requests:

If you’ve have a business proposal, please follow the contact instructions at my website:

Although I’d love to develop apps for everyone, they are time consuming and I have other business work away from Casper, and may not have time to work with you. However, I will make my best efforts to contact you back.


If you need to make contact about any legal matter send an email to [email protected] clearly stating in the subject what your contact reasons are.

Please note that your email content will be reviewed by legal professionals and a response may take one or two business weeks.