Hosting an Event?

Use Casper to broadcast to your followers by sharing pre-made photos and videos, from favourite editing tools such as PhotoShop and Final Cut Pro.

Make your followers feel more engaged in your event by allowing them to contribute to your own “Shared Story”.

Casper allows you to easily forward received snaps to your “Shared Story” with the built in “Send as Snap” feature.

Optional Captions and Drawings

When your followers send you video snaps you can decide if you want the captions and drawings to be visible before you forward it to your “Shared Story”. (This helps remove unwanted drawings/text that may offend viewers).

Unfortunately captions and drawings can not be removed from Photos.

Notify your Followers you are using their Snap!

Casper allows you to mark received snaps as viewed, replayed or screenshot manually. It is recommended that you mark all snaps that you forward to your “Shared Story” as screenshot. This makes it clear to the sender that you have saved a copy of their snap.

Show off your Branding!

Casper has a feature called “Slide Filters“, these are like GeoFilters in the official Snapchat™ app, however you add them to Casper manually and can use them on any of the snaps you send, even forwarded snaps from your followers!

Branding Examples

Bar101 Auckland is a brilliant example of engaging with followers, and incorporating their branding.


Brands that use Casper

Do you use Casper to showcase your brand, or manage “Shared Stories” for events? Flick me an email at [email protected] and I’ll add you to the brands list!