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If you are unable to login, please make sure you have the latest version of Casper. You can check for updates in the 3 dot menu on the Login pages.

Edit: 2nd October 2015

Due to recent changes in Snapchat’s internal code, it is not possible for Casper to extract and execute the native signature libraries that Snapchat use to verify that the login request is actually made in the Snapchat app.

As of Casper v1.4.0, when logging in, your Snapchat Username and Password will be sent to the Casper servers.

Your Username and Password will be run through a system that I have created, which allows us to generate the signatures that the Snapchat official app creates to allow you login.

As I stated, I can’t do this on your device, because of how it works.

The Casper server will not store your password in any databases. I am concerned about your accounts security as much as Snapchat is, hence why I will not store them anywhere.

The Casper API uses SSL, so your Username and Password can’t be stolen while in transit to the Casper servers.

Snapchat have made their own system less secure, trying to block us out. I have avoided sending your usernames and passwords to any other servers than Snapchats, but their most recent internal changes leave me with no choice but to do so.

Login with Username and Password

For Casper to function, you will need to provide your Snapchat™ Username and Password.

These details are only used to authenticate, and make API requests on your behalf.

When you enter your Snapchat™ account Username and Password they are sent to the Snapchat™ server when logging in. They aren’t sent to any other servers. Your credentials are stored locally on the device, but can’t be accessed by any other apps. (Unless your device has root access)

Login with Username and AuthToken

If you want to use the same Snapchat™ account on multiple devices, or in multiple apps without being logged out, you can provide the AuthToken of the session you want to use.

If you have Snapchat™ on your iPhone, and Casper on your Android device, you can be logged into the same account on both devices without being logged out.

When you backup your iPhone to iTunes, you will be able to find the AuthToken in the iPhone backup data.

You can also find the current session AuthToken used in Casper from the main menu.

After obtaining an AuthToken, on the login screen enter your Snapchat™ Username and the AuthToken in the AuthToken field. Casper will then use the same session and you won’t be logged out.