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With Casper, you are able to apply fonts to your captions.

Changing Fonts

From the Caption Editor toolbar, press the Menu Icon (three dots) and select “Change Font”.

The Font Manager will then be launched, allowing you to download and select fonts to apply to the caption text.

Downloading Fonts

To download a font, press the download icon on the right hand side. After the font has been downloaded, you will be able to tap on it to apply it to your caption text.

Delete a Font

To delete a font, just press the trash can icon next to it. If you want to use this font in the future, you will have to re-download it.

Additional Fonts

If the font manager doesn’t have a type of font that you want to use, you can add your own TTF font files to the Casper Fonts folder.

Fonts Folder:

/Device Storage/

You can place any “.ttf” font files in the font folder, and they will be accessible in the font manager.

Custom fonts will be shown at the top and can’t be deleted from the Font Manager. You will have to delete them manually.