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The Media Editor will allow you to add stickers to your snaps from Imoji as well as download and use the Apple and Google Emoji packs.

Apple/Google Emoji Packs

To download the Apple or Google Emoji packs, press the Apple or Android icon from the Emoji Toolbar.

You will be asked to download them if you haven’t already done so.

Once you have downloaded the Emoji pack, you will be able to scroll through the Emojis in the pack.

Tapping an Emoji will add it to the Snap canvas, allow you to drag it around the screen and pinch to make the Emoji bigger and smaller.

You can also rotate the Emoji by holding it with two fingers and rotating.

Imoji Stickers

The Imoji SDK has been integrated into Casper allowing you to search through hundreds and thousands of stickers to add to your snaps.

Press the “+” icon from the Emoji toolbar to launch the Imoji manager.

From here, you are shown the most popular categories on Imoji, tapping a category will list all of the Imojis available.

Too add an Imoji to your snap, just tap it once and it will be downloaded and added to your snap.

Imojis can be stretched, dragged and rotated just like the Emojis.