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If you’d like to purchase an Addon for Casper, please read through this information first.

Payment Gateway

Casper Addons are processed via PayPal. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to purchase an addon.

How to Purchase?

The addon page will have a “Buy Now” button at the bottom. Before pressing this, please make sure you enter the Snapchat™ username that you want the addon to be applied to, in the box provided.

If you don’t provide the username, the addon won’t be applied to your account.

After entering your username, press the “Buy Now” button. You will be redirected to PayPal to complete your purchase.

NB: make sure to enter your Username and not your Email.

After Purchasing Addon

Once your purchase is complete, you will need to launch Casper and open the side menu. From the side menu, press the “Check for Purchases” button.

Casper will then activate all of the addons that you have purchased.

No Purchases?

If you have just purchased an addon, please allow several minutes for the purchase to be processed, and then Check for Purchases again.

Please make sure you are logged into the same account that you purchased the addon for.

Entered wrong Username

Your PayPal email will be logged with your addon purchase. If you forgot to enter your Snapchat™ username before making the purchase or you need to change the username the purchase belongs to, please follow the instruction on the Contact Page to have this resolved.


Casper addons will not be refunded. However, you can transfer your addon to another account at anytime by following the contact instructions on the Contact Page.