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Photos and Videos can be sent from your Photo Gallery.

Select from Gallery

From the main Casper page (where snaps/stories/friends are shown) you can press the Photo Folder icon from the main toolbar.

Your gallery app will be launched (if set as default) and will allow you to search your phone for Photos or Videos.

Once you have found the media you want to send as a snap, just tap it and it will be opened in the Casper Media Editor, allowing you to customize it and then send it.

Share via Casper

Casper accepts sharing Photos and Videos to it. If you have your own favourite photo editor, you can edit photos in that, and then “Export/Share via” Casper.

When you share media via Casper, it will be opened in the Casper Media Editor.

Video Notes

Please note that videos must be under 5MB to send, otherwise they can’t be sent and will be rejected.

If you aren’t able to select videos when looking in the gallery, try the “Share via Casper” method.