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This addon is for more advanced users, or accounts that use Casper to run their own local shared stories, such as schools/colleges or other events. However, anyone can use it.

This addon will allow you to add “Slide Filters” over the photos or videos that you send via Casper.

How to use Slide Filters

To use slide filters, you will need to create a 1080×1920 OR 720×1280 PNG filter in your favourite photo editing software, such as PhotoShop.

Whatever you add to the PNG will be layered on top of the photo or video that you send via Casper. (When swiped in)

Once you have created your PNG filter, copy it into the Casper Filters folder.
Please note, the filename must end with “.png” to be usable.

Filters Folder:

/Device Storage/

Example Filter

After copying your Slide Filter to the Slide Filters folder, open up Casper and select or take your media to send, once you get to the Media Editor you will be able to ‘swipe left’ and ‘swipe right’ between the Slide Filters you have added to the Slide Filters folder.


Please note, if you haven’t purchased the Slide Filters addon, or haven’t restored your purchase, the Slide Filters will not show up in the Media Editor.

Please read How to Purchase Addons before making your purchase.

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