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To add text to your Snaps, press the “abc” icon in the Media Editor.

After doing so, you will be able to add text with the default caption style already set up.

Changing Caption Style

If you want to remove the caption background and have larger text, you can press the number box. Pressing this multiple times will go through the different caption styles.

Such as Default, Default (Left Aligned), Large Text, Large Text (Left Aligned), None.

Rotating the Caption

By pressing the rotate icon in the Caption Editor toolbar, the caption can be rotated sideways.

It is best to type your caption text when the caption isn’t rotated, and then rotate it afterwards.

Changing Caption Colours

By pressing the “Palette” icon in the Caption Editor toolbar, you will be prompted to choose what you want to change the colour of.

If you select “Text”, you will be able to choose from a popup the colour you want the caption text to be.

By selecting “Background”, you can change the background colour of the caption. The colour will be slightly transparent, so you can see the contents behind it.

Once you have selected a colour, press anywhere outside of the dialog, or press the back button to apply the colour selected.

If you want to remove the caption background completely, you will have to change the Caption Style, and make the text smaller.

Changing Text Size

You can increase and decrease the size of the caption font by press the “+” and “-” icons in the Caption Editor toolbar.